Is Ginlong legit?

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I wanted to order a 1800w PMG, Inverter, and controller from them, but when I went to place the order you can only purchase through making a wire transfer of money directly to china. This has made me skeptical since I have no recourse if anything goes wrong. They said they are not setup to take credit cards. I was wondering two things:

1) has anyone ordered from ginlong successfully?

2) Do they make a product worth buying?

Any and all responses are greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    if it smells or looks bad then do not partake of it.

    ftr i never heard of the brand to say if it's good even if they send it to you. very risky.
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    Ginlong is a real company and if you order from them you'll get your stuff. Whether you can get them to work is another story.

    Apparently they are one of the biggest wind manufacturing companies in the world. Despite that they don't have much of a reach into the english speaking world. There is a lady that is a sort of ambassador/relay between the company and english speakers. It's still very hard to communicate with them. They're manuals are terrible as well. A Ginlong 2k inverter manual is about 10 pages long. SMA sends 3 different detailed manuals in three or four languages with their windy boy inverters.

    I've seen things on other forums where it seemed like people had gotten everything installed (usually by an installation company) and turned on but no one ever mentioned if they actually generated any power.

    I've been trying to get a ginlong 1800 pma, 2k inverter and their control box and dump load to work for months. I've only gotten a few kilowatt hours though. I'm about to make a thread to see if anyone can help me figure out just what is going on. I don't think the equipment is faulty I just don't know what I'm doing.

    If you'd like to buy in the country we could send you the ginlong equipment you listed above. The guy I work for got all excited because Ginlong was going to give him a good deal so he bought 20 of everything.
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    I have decided to avoid ginlong. They seem to be the only company in the world without a credit card terminal and the only review I found on them was negative. In the review a canadian professor at a college had ordered stuff from them and he could not get it to produce power either. Mind you he taught an alternative energy class and that's why he purchased it. In his review he said that customer service after the sale was terrible. They simply stated you must have wired something wrong and then his further attempts to contact someone in technical support went unanswered. When you call the ginlong US phone number you can tell it's always forwarded to some guys cell phone. I forgot his name, but when I left a message the first time it went unanswered and the second time I got a call back from him, but he didn't seem to eager to talk. I refuse to wire money to china since I will have no recourse if something is incorrect with the order or does not work properly. I have decided to make my own PMG/PMA and get inverters from SMA!
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    I think you've made a sound choice on many levels. That said credit cards are not always the easiest method of transferring funds and bank transfers are not unusual in wholesale purchasing. Some of the 'cheap' sources of solar panels in the US, ACOSolar and Sunelec prefer bank transfer and at times charge extra for CC purchases.
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    I don't know what you plan to make but I made hugh piggott turbines.

    I have tried other things and had the best luck with actual plans.

    For forum help and to look at others projects you might serf the otherpower forum also hughs book has some simple rule of thumb math formulas that even dummies like me gain more general knowladge.

    Also Chris olsen who is a member here and uses high voltage turbines with the midnight mppt charge controllers.

    The biggest thing is not making the turbine but making the tower. The tower is a very expensive and intense experiance if you intend to do it correctly.

    Unless you are in the perfect wind area, the solar doller goes much further.
    Just my thoughts, I hope they help.
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    Here are some links:

    Wind Power Links (good forum for DIY Wind Power)
    Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric site for tons of info (from mike90045)
    Scoraig Wind "Recipe Book" for DYI Turbines (from Chris Olson... From his 4/11/2013 post) (added from "russ"--Like here but more wind/less solar)
    Small windpower a scam ? Survey says SO
    Truth About Skystream & SWWP
    Windmax HY-2000 2kW Wind Turbine

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Is Ginlong legit?

    Thanks for the links!
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