I'm going to use a 3000w invertor with battery charger, I need some good advice

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I live on an island the power drops out almost daily for a short time. I have several security cameras and security computer that records all events. So I must keep entire package up and running 24/7.

I have a 3000watt pure sinewave invertor with battery 100 amp charger built in, that will keep a charge on batteries so when power fails invertor it will takes over fed by a battery bank.

I have bought one battery , it's a AGM type made by OPTIMA yellow top a high performance deep cycle battery.

I need to know what you people here think of the OPTIMA and if you know of a better way to go with batteries. It's 12vdc input that feed invertor.



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    Re: I'm going to use a 3000w invertor with battery charger, I need some good advice

    What are the total loads that the 3000 watt 12 volt inverter will supply? That is a totally HUGE inverter to be operating on 12 volts. Not counting surge loads, if it were loaded to 3000 watts, it would be sucking out over 250 amps from your battery. That's more than almost all car starter motors draw, and you know how long you can crank an engine that won't start before the battery is run down.
    Beyond that, in almost all cases, the more powerful the inverter, the more power it sucks back just to keep running in case it's presented with a load. Ouch!
    What is the amp hour rating of the battery you are considering? Remember that for reasonable life, the battery should not be discharged below the 50% state of charge.
    Also, so as not to ruin the AGM battery, the charger must be of a type / design that will properly charge and take care of your battery. Compared to flooded batteries, AGM and gel batteries are very unforgiving of improper charging, float etc.
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    Re: I'm going to use a 3000w invertor with battery charger, I need some good advice

    For a computer and cameras, I'd use a laptop instead of a desktop, and a Morningstar Suresine 300w inverter. But it has no charger or transfer switch.

    So in your case, you use your inverter & battery, as a UPS. First thing I'd change on that, would be to use 2, 6V golf cart batteries. That will double your storage capacity. A sealed battery is not needed, unless you NEED to put it in your living space.
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