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Currently I am using a simple design for my PV mounting in small installations. as follows.
Attachment not found.

It has a vertical rod with holes to adjust tilt angle from 49 to 5 degrees horizontal.

Although it is working fine, but I am in mood to change it a bit.
Its fine on winter as is in picture above.
but when in spring/fall, panel is needed to be tilted at 27 degrees, an ugly looking rod gets out above the panel.
And in summer, when angle is only 5 degree, then its just hateful. Then I used an Ostrich approach i.e. close my eyes as if there is nothing wrong :(

Now I am in mood to change this design. I found many designs on internet, but problem is that above design has proved very cost effective i.e. just $6 per panel.

I have two ideas.
1: use smaller ROD, just above the middle of panel. (It will have same issue, but in smaller size)
2: Rod be made in 4,5 parts. Each part can be dismantled to lower the panels and added again to lift the panel. (fear of losing parts and increased work load)

Is there any good idea to tilt the angle in much fine way?


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    Re: PV mount

    The mounts I have on my roof use a combination of a two piece strut (the 'upright' part) with multiple holes in each to adjust length, plus multiple holes in the fixed and movable rails. Of course this does not allow 'perfect' angle adjustment, but it does allow for many variations without the struts sticking above the panels (which not only looks bad but also can cast shadow across cells).

    Unfortunately I've never thought to take a picture of it, and it's a wee bit inaccessible at the moment.
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    Re: PV mount

    Are you looking for an entirely new mounting system to give you precise and easy adjustments?

    The ground mount one I made, was very cost effective, I can adjust in minutes and for my (12) 205w panels (which are rather large) only cost a couple hundred dollars.
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    Re: PV mount

    if you have the lowest edge about 2 feet above the ground you can solve your problem, as the support will drop to the ground while attache d to the top of the panel.
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    Re: PV mount

    Here is an inexpensive way to make a PV panel manually adjustable in elevation (side view):

    Attachment not found.

    EMT is Electric Metallic Tubing, galvanized steel tubing used as electrical conduit. You need a hacksaw for cutting, a vice for crushing and a drill to make holes. Larger PV panels need larger diameter EMT.
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