Primus air 40 hookup questions

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I am thinking of purchasing an air 40 to experiment and mess around with. I am confused as the literature says that the charge controller is built in. Do I just hook this directly to my battery bank? I have solar now with a charge controller and could I just hook this directly to the battery bank and not damage my existing solar charge controller?

Also if I use a stop switch, does this use some current to keep the blades from rotating? How much? If I have the stop switch off for say days or weeks how does that work?

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated!


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    Re: Primus air 40 hookup questions

    In general, you just connect the wind turbine (with internal charge controller) to the battery bank.

    If you want a stop switch, you usually use a double throw switch. First position power from + turbine to + battery bank (and fuse/breaker).

    Second position, power from turbine + to turbine ground--That short circuit current (should) put a lot of torque on the turbine and stall the blades.

    See page 21 and beyond in the Primus manual:

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