cant find thread.

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just the other day I found a thread detailing the best way to hook up differing and I cant find it anywere to read I will ask the question here(feeling like im being redundant to our resident experts)...After finding this site my whole plan has been re-thought...I have 4 eco-worthy 100 watt panels

VOC...22.41 v


IMP...5.59 amp

ISC...6.2 amp

these are poly crystaline
also I have two renergy 100 watt mono crystalline panels

VOC...22.50 v

VMP...18.9 v

IMP...5.29 amp

ISC...5.75 amp

Should I be putting these in two parallel strings in parallel to the controller(12v) and each string containing 1 of the mono panels..I used to think I knew something about this THEN I CAME HERE.LOL...:cool:.If the mods want they can put this in my existing thread as im not sure as to the rules on multiple threads....any input will be bliss...thaNx.


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    Re: cant find thread.

    We tend towards having questions about your system in your own thread. Makes it less confusing for everyone.

    Regarding panels, if you parallel Vmp "matches" within ~10% worse case you are fine.

    If you series connect, then match Imp to within 10% of each other.

    Some folks like to use 5% or better as the "ideal" match.

    For what you have there, I don't see any preference one way or the other.

    What brand/model of charge controller do yo have? PWM or MPPT? You want to make sure you do not exceed the voltage or current limits for the controllers (MPPT controllers are "less fussy" about input/output current limits).

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    Re: cant find thread.

    You've got four of one and two of the other.
    As such your choices are all in parallel (PWM or MPPT on 12 Volt system), three strings each made up of any two, or two strings each with two of the first and one of the second (MPPT only).

    Both the Vmp and Imp on these panels are so close that they are practically interchangeable.
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