Recommended Mounts for Solarworld or Trina Panels

Looking at purchasing a few (not sure how many yet) either Solarworld or Trinas panels. Wondering what type of ground mount will work the best for either of these brands. Sorry I don't have more details on exactly how many panels and what type we'll be mounting. We're still in the design phase.
Any suggestions will be helpful.
Thank you! :D


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    Re: Recommended Mounts for Solarworld or Trina Panels

    I made my own for SolarWorld and it works great. Despite thinner frame on their panels, they feel solid when mounted.
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    Re: Recommended Mounts for Solarworld or Trina Panels

    homemade isn't for everyone as you have to watch especially with wood.

    here's an example from the solar mounts area of our host.
    this is only from one mount company for a specific size area conforming to the sw widths.
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    Re: Recommended Mounts for Solarworld or Trina Panels

    There are several threads here on ground mounting, I have done both of my systems with ground mount with pressure treated wood, the 6+ year old one is doing fine, and the 6 month old is fine as well. The smaller started with 8 115 watt panels and looked like this;
    Attachment not found.

    I used aluminum angle for attaching the panels to the pressure treated wood, with a plastic spacer between them so the aluminum and copper (from the pressure treating wouldn't react). The aluminum does oxidize some from being in the elements, but they are fine and will last as long as the panels IMHO.
    Attachment not found.

    I had mounted a couple 170 watt panels, I added to the first system, without the plastic as I couldn't find anything to cut it out of, and my quick setup went 4 years before I actually thought to take them down and place a spacer but I found no excessive oxidation so I didn't bother and haven't worried about it in my new array.

    I used stainless steel screws for all attachments, be aware Stainless steel likes to bind on it's self, you can use 2 different types of Stainless and/or use some grease or wax when attaching the screws. I used nylon lock nuts and they have worked out fine.
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