ProSolar SolarWedge

Does any other racking company have a similar product to the ProSolar SolarWedge?



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    Re: ProSolar SolarWedge

    Hi Phillip C,

    (Installation manual for the SolarWedge: )

    Well guess that depends upon the word, "similar".

    There are similar systems, but this looks like a simple, and perhaps less expensive solution than UniRac, for example.

    A lot depends upon the AHJ (inspector), and the dictates for Structural Engineer signoff.

    When I did the most recent system, here, looked at ProSolar, but it was more straightforeward to go with UniRac, as they do have some Engineering tools to help calc the structure required for the very windy area of that installation.

    Have used UV-rated sealants under L-feet before, and that has held up well, but, some want sealants for support feet, plus a flashing on top of that for weather-tightness. This works great on new construction, but is a pain as a retrofit on an existing roof. YMMV, Vic
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    Re: ProSolar SolarWedge

    What makes the SolarWedge so unique is that the standoffs are vertical, many other tilt systems are not like this. My roofer wants 8" of clearance to seal with a boot, but the front leg is only 5" tall. It would be nice if I could find another similar system but with slightly taller legs. Currently I'm working with the roofer to compromise :)
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