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    Re: PMW Inverter

    Most definitely not. This is an older UPS. I get stacks of UPS units with failed batteries. Some people want me to fix them, most don't. Consequently, I have a lot of UPS units.

    My point being, can't go by name brand alone.

    I did a quick search on Google for "Tripp Lite PWM Inverter waveform"

    Found this website:

    This guy is testing a Tripp Lite Omni1000LCD UPS. Yea, UPS, not a stand-alone inverter, but take a look at the specs...

    Specs say: "PWM sine wave 115V +/-5%, Inverter output regulated to 60Hz +/-0.5Hz"

    Here's what the waveform looks like:

    Attachment not found.

    Looks like a MSW to me.
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    Re: PMW Inverter

    We may have discovered the real reason why companies are not quick to show the output waveform of their inverters. :roll:
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    Re: PMW Inverter

    john p,
    could you get a snapshot of the waveform on the tripplite you have?
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