Evergreen Solar Alive and Well?....

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Well I had read that Evergreen solar had their assets bought up by a China company, and that is how the article read "...assets..." so I figured liabilities like warranties were not passed along, but I see the Evergreen web site is back up and running with an announcement that;

"Evergreen Solar (China) Co. Ltd. will attend SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2012 Conference & Exhibition at Shanghai New International Expo Center during May 16th-18th 2012"

Not sure what anyof this means, they haven't changed any copyright dates, or addresses in PDF files, but mounting instructions are there if anyone who might have purchased a pallet load might like to check them out. ...but using the name and web site has got to be a good sign!

Modes move this where ever you deem appropriate, I couldn't figure out where to put this...
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    Re: Evergreen Solar Alive and Well?....

    I believe the Chinese solar industry is attempting to totally dominate the world solar power industry. Run competitors out of business by low balling panels, then buy competitors remains and patents for 10 cents on the dollar.
    REC"...will permanently shutter its operations in Glomfjord, Norway. The location is home to a 300 MW monocrystalline wafer plant..."Our organization in Glomfjord has demonstrated operational improvements and cost reductions that are impressive, but this has unfortunately not been sufficient to ensure profitability in a very challenging market environment," says Ole Enger, president and CEO of REC..."
    "...REC will initiate discussions with its trade unions to halt production at its oldest wafer plants in Heroya, Norway, and its solar cell plant in Narvik, Norway. In addition, REC-branded modules will not be manufactured under contract by third parties in the third quarter of the year.
    These measures are expected to reduce REC's wafer production by approximately 125 MW in the third quarter, representing 30% of the wafer capacity in Norway in the quarter, while cell and module production will be reduced by approximately 50 MW in the same period.
    The changes are expect to result in the loss of 300 employees at the company's Heroya plant and 200 employees at its Narvik plant..."
    The closure will affect approximately 200 employees, REC says..."

    It would be a darn shame if REC goes under, they make very good poly panels.
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