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is this a good replacement for Anywhere you would use one of the cheap DC plug in fuse holder set ups???



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    Re: fuses

    Should be fine for Voc<150VDC... It appears the breaker is polarity sensitive. So, if you have a bidirectional circuit you wish to protect or use this as a "Power Switch"--You may need to think about which direction the current flow you want to turn off vs interrupt in the case of a short. :cry:

    Breakers should probably not be used for a "daily" on/off type switch anyway. They can wear out fairly quickly. For emergency and service use, they should be fine.

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    Re: fuses

    It's a bare circuit breaker, and needs a DIN rail mount to remain oriented (sometimes gravity needs to be present at the correct angle to help the breaker trip properly)

    It has screw terminals on one end only.
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    Re: fuses
    ws9876 wrote: »
    cheap DC plug in fuse holder set ups

    I've had two of these types of fuse holders melt. In both cases they were handling continuous DC current for several hours every day for perhaps a year.
    First to fail was a "Heavy Duty" automotive plug in blade fuse and it's holder rated 30 amps. It was handling continuous 10 amps. Resistance built up between one fuse blade and the socket, melting the socket and finally burning off the plug-in blade of the fuse. I'm glad it was in a metal box! Second one was a similar but much heavier fuse and holder, 80 amp Maxi-Fuse. It was handling continuous 60 amps from my MX-60 to the batteries for part of each day. Again I am very glad it was inside a metal box!
    These types of fuses and holders are now banned from further use on my system, replaced by bolt on fuses, or breakers.
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