Questions regarding Grundfos 6sqf-3

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I'm replacing a defective Lorentz pump with the Grundfos 6sqf-3 in a well with 660 ft lift and the pump 700 ft deep. Can anyone tell me:
(1) What is the relative efficiency (or difference in gpm) of running the pump off a 115v inverter (60 amps, which is more power than the pump can use) compared with running with 1600 watts of direct solar at 96vdc or 48vdc? (The advantage of AC might be that when the panels are in less than full sun, they can be charging batteries at as much as 500 watts, which is too low to pump any water.)

(2) The Grundfos 6sqf-3 is rated for 820 ft lift, but literature says the CU200 only works with a maximum 650 wire to the pump. Does anyone know if it will work with a longer wire? I assume the problem must be with the control signals from CU200 and not power for the pump, because to lift from 820 ft a pump will usually have a wire longer than 650 ft.

(3) Earlier reports on this forum reported problems with the CU200 not turning off the pump when the tank was full. Has that happened recently with this controller?


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    Re: Questions regarding Grundfos 6sqf-3
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    ...Grundfos 6sqf-3 in a well with 660 ft lift and the pump 700 ft deep. ....

    That's 660 + 700 = 1360 feet of lift !

    Do you know the static level of the well. or the recharge rate ?
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    Re: Questions regarding Grundfos 6sqf-3

    The static level is at 660 ft, and the pump is at 700 ft (40 ft lower, not 700 ft lower). Recharge rate reported by driller was 25 gpm.
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