Connecting an inverter to a transfer switch



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    Re: Connecting an inverter to a transfer switch

    did some quick reading at re converters and fuse panel.

    Virtually all RV's use a battery converter to allow the 12 volt accessories to be run by 120 volts AC when plugged in to shore power or when the generator is running. This saves battery power for when you need it. The converter also recharges the coach battery. Many of the newer converters are able to charge the battery at the rated output of the converter. This is a real advantage if you use the generator to charge your battery when you are dry camping. Many of the older converters only trickle charge the battery at 3 or 4 amps. This could take a long time and lots of generator fuel.

    I think the answer is there is something happening between the inverter and the converter, lie the inverter is drawing on the batteries and the converter is trying to recharge the battery simultaneously....

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    Re: Connecting an inverter to a transfer switch

    Hi Bill
    Thanx for your reply. I think we are on the same page as I do shut off any breakers powering circuits for converter,Microwave,water heater etc. but back to my original question. Tony said that the Morningstar Suresine 300 "permiitted a grounded neutral". Does that mean that I can buy that unit (not cheap compared to a lot of other 300 W units) and plug my shorepower chord in without it faulting. If so then it is the way I want to go. I am thinking that the grounded neutral is my "roadblock" so far. $ are not the problem, I just want to get it right this time as most retailers will not take an inverter back once it has been tried.
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