Overloading a C60

I am considering an experiment with a C60 with the intention of getting the maximum usage out of the controller during the day. I will be using 8 panels with a total Ipm of 60.8 amps. As I understand it, the only thing that will kill a pwm unit is overheating. I plan on monitoring the controller remotely to observe the temps and current input to determine if I am getting close to harming the unit. If I see the unit gets close to the danger point too often I plan on hooking up a relay on one of the panels to reduce the output of the array. The array is totally parallel in configuration so dropping one panel out does not compromise the system. This is for an off grid situation so I am not concerned with code compliance. Xantrex claims their units will run max rating 100% of the time. My goal is to get full use out of the controller so as to minimize the number of controllers used in a future system. Does anyone out there see any problems I will encounter?


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    Re: Overloading a C60

    You may not need the relay, have you taken the -20% derate for the panels ? (hot panels in sun produce less amps than spec test at 70f)
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    Re: Overloading a C60

    C60 has its own thermal overload control no need for something external, its should work fine in your configuration
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    Re: Overloading a C60

    Why not get a muffin fan to blow on the C60? I have one blowing up the skirt (so to speak, bottom cover off, fan secured in front of it) of my MX60. The internal fan was starting to make funny noises like a bearing/bushing going. The external 120v fan runs on a digital timer during the daylight hours and the internal fan never comes on anymore. 12 watts when running. Probably much more power than the internal fan. Quieter too. Silly to design the CC so the mechanical part most likely to die isn't easliy removable/replaceable while it's on the wall.

    Sorry boB.

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    Re: Overloading a C60


    I had a C60 a couple of year ago that I use to abuse. I would load it up with enough panels for it to output just pass 100Amps. What would happen is that the controller would overheat and the display would go dark first to the point where it would be all ink and you could not read the values on it. When it got to hot with would just shut down and then turn back on when it had cooled down. To counteract this I installed a 3" muffin fan half way over the top vents and the top heat sink. When this was done it would then output in excess of 100Amp without shuting down. I did this for a few weeks and up to this day the controller still works. I think it is built like a tank and capable of more than 60Amp output. What I found in my experimentation is that it would output up to 75amp continuously with out shuting down when no external fan was employed.

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    Re: Overloading a C60

    Thanks for the response to my question. This will be the largest project I have attempted. I have done many RV roof arrays and some home experiments but nothing this elaborate. As you can see I am very cautious and I would rather rely on others to point out the pitfalls I may run into. It sounds like the C60 is pretty rugged. Thanks again!
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