Sun D228

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this looks like the best lowcost sub pump for a 120ft well. If it was used to fill a 300 gallon plastic tank slowly....what happens if
the water level runs dry for a little while while recharging??? will the pump shut off and wait??? Solar panel power. I use about 50 ga per day but could get that way down if well is about 4-6 gpm I think....


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    Re: Sun D228

    you might look into a safety (low flow) shut off, if the water level drops too far it cuts the power.

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    Re: Sun D228

    the 228 is a diaphragm pump. are there equivalents that arent??? is it hard to rebuild diaphragm insides..???
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    Re: Sun D228

    I have some experience with diaphragm pumps and wouldn't recommend them for a well.
    While they are easy enough to work on, just pulling them and putting them back down can be a pain.
    You will need a low water shut off with any pump, I suggest looking at Grundfos or Lorentz. More expensive, but much more reliable in my opinion.
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