220v well pump inverter

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I currently use a sw4024 inverter and use a transformer to convert 120v->220v for a grundfos slow start pump. I've been having an issue with the in-rush current on the transformer causing the power flicker to the rest of the house. I solved this by using a Ameritron icp-120v. I've had the ICP-120 for 5 years now and it blew a fuse which caused me to have to replace the fuse housing.

At any rate, long story short. I seem to recall xantrex used to make 220v inverters that could be used along side the sw4024 which would allow me to replace the transformer and the icp-120v. The problem is I can't seem to find them any more. I'd rather not replace the sw4024 as it seems to work ok. Anybody know of any 24v to 220v inverters?


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    Re: 220v well pump inverter

    Both Magnum and Xantrex make 24 Volt 240VAC inverter-chargers. They are not cheap. There no doubt are others, but probably not any inexpensive version capable of running the well pump.

    Given the age of the SW, maybe it's time to make the big change to a new inverter that will do it all?
    I know; a lot of money.

    XW4024-120/240: http://www.solar-electric.com/xaxwhyin.html
    MS4024PAE: http://www.solar-electric.com/maenms4040wa1.html

    Just a couple of examples. Both of these are over $2,000. :cry:
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    Re: 220v well pump inverter

    Let me see if I understood this case: If I get a 120/240V inverter, I'll be able to run with no problems a Deep Well Pump (240V 1HP)? How many batteries will it need for this situation. Now, lets talk about the inverter. Does it has an output for 115V and another for 220V (ex: for the pump)??? Is this a true statement? In your opinion, what would it be the best setup???

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    Re: 220v well pump inverter

    It is all in your power requirements... How large of pump (deep well, GPM, startup current requirements, etc.).

    If you get a "standard" well pump (120 or 240 VAC with induction motor), they tend to need a lot of starting current (5x running current is not usual). That forces a larger inverter and battery bank to support the surge current.

    You can get well pumps that have low starting current draw, or even use a 3 phase pump (or pump with external starting capacitor--sort of 2 phase pump), and a VFD (variable frequency drive) controller to "soft start" the well pump (and even vary the pump RPM to better meet your pumping needs).

    Regarding a 120/240 VAC inverter, they are just like your standard home wiring. Two "hots" and a "neutral". Hot to neutral is 120 VAC, Hot to Hot is 240 VAC.

    In the end, picking your loads for efficiency/off grid "friendly-ness" is usually a good place to start. If you already have an in-well pump with few years on it (and cannot be retro-fitted with a VFD), then you have the choice of a pump change or just designing your off grid system to power the existing pump (money spent either way:cry:).

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    Re: 220v well pump inverter

    A larger transformer, will store more power, and not cause as much of a "flicker", as long as it's flux holds up - 2-4 cycles maybe.

    That's my thought.

    Other thoughts are

    When pump needs replacement, look at a 3 wire, instead of 2 wire. Suppoesed to start easier.

    DC - can your bank supply the surge? Generally, the inverter drops off if DC supply is limiting.

    and all the other suggestions
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    Re: 220v well pump inverter
    mike90045 wrote: »
    A larger transformer, will store more power, and not cause as much of a "flicker", as long as it's flux holds up - 2-4 cycles maybe.
    That's my thought.

    I have never heard of a transformer that could store up flux through more than a fraction of a cycle of AC. (Unless you count a Sola Constant Voltage Transformer that has a resonant LC circuit.)

    When multi-cycle holdover is needed, you need a DC stage with energy storage (even capacitors) or else a rotating mass like a motor generator with a flywheel.
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