Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

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I tested 6 new Solar Cynergy 80 watt panels with a load to determine the peak power ouput. They compared very poorly relative to a year old Kyocera 65watt panel purchased from NA Wind and Sun. Because of my location at near 6000 feet elevation, and ideal conditions, the Kyocera (year old) was putting out about 74 watts. The Solar Cynergy panels (new) were only capable of 62-65 watts.

A 40 watt Solar Cynergy panel was also tested, it was also below spec (12%).

The batch of Solar Cynergy panels I received were mechanically very well built, but any performance specifications regarding these product must be considered pure marketing fantasy.

I would not recommend this product, I returned them all, after much time and labor on my part.
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I'm adding this on Aug 5, 2009. The vendor told me this batch of panels was from a different manufacturer they were trying, and have since gone back to their original manufacturer in China.

The vendor (SolarBlvd) made good on the returned panels, even the return freight. This improved my opinion of SolarBlvd greatly. In fact that made me order again from them. I did purchase and test another 40 watt Solar Cynergy panel from a later batch and it tested with load just fine (slightly over spec.). This is consistent with the explanation of the bad panels.

A set of Suntech panels I bought from them next did test within specifications (just), and I am very happy with the great value the represent.

I do think that one would be foolish to buy Chinese bargain solar panels without testing them, and don't expect new performance over the rated wattage. If you don't have the ability or means to test, better stick with Kyocera or other top rated panel.

Bruce McCreary
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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    sorry to hear they turned out that way.
    anybody else have this problem with the pvs from solor cynergy?
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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    Cross link to earlier thread asking about Solar Cynergy panels.

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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    thanks bill. i guess i should've done a search.:roll:
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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    Great panels - bought these about 2 years ago for my RV/camper - still running fine. Prices have come down tremendously since then and Solar Cynergy pricing has lowered as well. Working great for me.
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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    How did you test them?

    Unless you used a MPPT controller, which runs the panel at its PROPER VmaxPower, just shorting a DVM across it, will real Short ckt current, which is not always max current.

    Testing with a nearly charged battery, leaves no place for the power to go, that is also an erroneous test.
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    Re: Test Report on Solar Cynergy 80 watt PV

    I bought two Solar Cynergy 120 watt panels last month and, although I don't have the necessary equipment to accurately test their peak output, they appear to be producing near their rated output, based on voltage and amperage measurements under normal use. Their output is about 25% higher than my 5-year old Evergreen 120 watt panels, and they appear to be as well constructed. If they hold up, I'm thinking they were a great deal, at $1.98/watt including shipping and connecting cables.
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