Flexcharge Night Watchman?

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Is anyone using this dusk to dawn 12v dc photocell for night lighting. Rated at 10a incandescent and flourescent lighting. The standby is 0.15ma.

I searched the NAWS site, but found only the digital timer.

One 11w flourescent bulb is the load, and the cost is a factor, $30 for the photocell.

Appreciate any info or feedback on the product.



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    Re: Flexcharge Night Watchman?

    I use a salvaged photo-transistor to trigger a 555 chip, which then powers a 12 VDC relay. Been working perfectly for probably 20 years now.
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    Re: Flexcharge Night Watchman?

    would you mind sharing the circuit with others?
    sounds like a great item. i've been looking for a simple circuit to operate some led lighting.
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    Re: Flexcharge Night Watchman?

    NAWS does sell a DC motion detector:

    Infrared Motion Sensor - 12 volt 10 amp (not cheap)

    I like those over dusk to dawn setups for security lights.

    If you are into kits--here are a couple (these are complete modules, not kits themselves) you can connect up with a STAMP micro controller:

    X Band Radar motion detector ($30)
    PIR Sensor 3-Pin ($10)

    The two above use ~5VDC and ~8-23 mA to operate with a maximum of 30 foot range.

    I have not used these devices, but have purchased stuff from Jameco before without problems over the years (they are only a few miles from my home).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Flexcharge Night Watchman?

    Thanks for the replies. The application is not for security, just to provide light from dusk to dawn. A timer would be overkill. The photocell will do the job.

    I will be ordering the Night Watchman, and see how it goes.

    It was developed for use on boats, something about a required light on the mast at night. But it's the best fit for my need.

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