Recommendations for studying first 4 chapters of NEC? needed to install solar

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In order to install solar on a home I need to upgrade my circuit breaker panel because right now it is completely full no space to add a net metering breaker. I want to upgrade to a 200amp panel, but the city has told me I need to take a electricity test to get my own permit. Installing a new panel is not hard, might take half a day just remove breakers and pop them in a bigger box.....and I really don't want to pay an electrician $1000 or more to do it.

Below are some sample questions. Are there any good online resources for studying up on stuff like this. I started to read the NEC 2005, but I almost slipped into a coma.

Homeowner Sample Exam Questions

1) What would be the net calculated load in volt amps of a dwelling unit with a floor area of 1500 sq. ft. including an unfinished cellar not adaptable for future use, unfinished attic, and open porches. Appliances are a 12-KW range and a 5.5-KW, 240-V dryer. Assume range and dryer KW ratings equivalent to KVA ratings in accordance with 220.54 and 220.55.

a) 17,600 VA
b) 17,100 VA
c) 18,600 VA
d) 18,100 VA

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2) How many outdoor convenience outlets excluding the A/C units are required for a dwelling unit that is 4867 sq. ft. with a detached garage on a quarter acre corner lot?

a) one
b) two
c) three
d) none

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3) How many 15 amp general use circuits are required for a single family dwelling unit 3120 square feet that has a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and 4 bedrooms each with a walk in closet?

a) 2 circuits
b) 4 circuits
c) 5 circuits
d) 6 circuits

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4) Which of the following locations are you not allowed to install overcurrent devices?

a) Hallways
b) Bedrooms
c) Clothes closet
d) Storage room

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5) All of the outlets in a single family bedroom are required by the NEC to be protected by arc-fault devices. Which of the following items are not required to be protected by arc-fault devices?

a) Switch for exterior flood lights
b) Ceiling fan
c) Wall outlets
d) Lighting fixtures


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    Re: Recommendations for studying first 4 chapters of NEC? needed to install solar

    Your home or your sisters? ... you can't do electrical work without a master electricians license on anything but the home you have a deed to in our state.
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    Re: Recommendations for studying first 4 chapters of NEC? needed to install solar

    I am aware of the laws and I am abiding by them. I would think that is obvious if I'm going to take time to take a City Govt. test and study for it. For privacy/ security reasons I am not going to divulge any location information.
    Any study suggestions would be appreciated.
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