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I was advised by a few guys on here about building an off-grid system. I installed it and the system does'nt seem to be charging the batteries. I have 12 - 75 watt panels , wired in series , 3 sets of 4. Into a MNPV combinder box. That runs to a Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 charge controller , out to 4 - 6 volt L-16 batteries. Then to a Samlex pst-150s-24a. Can someone tell me what might be wrong. I called Morningstar becaus we did'nt understand what the lights meant. The tech said unless there blicking , nothing is wrong. He did say that when the green light is solid the batteries are fully charged. We have a solid red light and a weak green light. I was hoping you guys could help, thanks for your time.



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    Re: Need Help with system

    How good of a meter do you have? You need to take some readings of panel output (Voltage and current) to be sure you've got all the power you should have from them. Then you need to take some readings from the controller output - same reason.

    The smallest L16's are 320 Amp hours. 32 Amps @ 28.8 Volts is 921 Watts, less typical efficiency losses would be an 1196 Watt array. You have 900 Watts total, so your charging ability is marginal. If loads are being drawn while charging then it is even lower. These tall case batteries seriously do need the higher current, and quite a long absorb time.

    Be sure and check the SG on the batteries and recharge as needed, lest that very expensive investment goes down the drain fast.
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    Re: Need Help with system

    Like Marc says, you might consider that the batteries are constantly undercharged.

    Please provide more info about loading.

    In the meantime, consider getting the batteries fully charged from another source, genny or grid, check the voltge after letting the sit for several hours, and check the SG. Those are expensive batteries, and we hope haven't killed them prematurely.

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    I've got a TS MPPT 60, and have never seen red & green lights on at same time
    manual is here

    Did you configure the dip switches to 24V system BEFORE you energised it ? If you had low batteries, it may have been confused.

    75w panels, 3x4 what voltage are your panels ? R & G may be an over voltage condition

    LED codes:
    LED Display Explanation
    G = green LED is lit
    Y / R = yellow LED is lit, then red LED is lit
    G+Y = Green and Yellow are both lit at the same time
    G+Y / R = Green & Yellow both lit, then Red is lit alone
    Sequencing LED patterns (faults) repeat until the fault is cleared
    General Transitions
    • Controller start-up G / Y / R (one cycle)
    • Equalize request start G+Y+R / G+Y+R / G / G
    • Equalize cancelled G+Y+R / G+Y+R / R / R
    • Battery service is required* all 3 LED’s blinking until service is reset
    *battery service notifi cation is only enabled in custom settings
    Battery Status
    • General state-of-charge see battery SOC indications below
    • Absorption state G blinking (½ second on / ½ second off)
    • Equalization state G fast blink (2 to 3 times per second)
    • Float state G slow blink (1 second on / 1 second off)
    Faults & Alarms
    • Over-temperature Y / R sequencing
    • High voltage disconnect G / R sequencing
    • DIP switch fault R / Y / G sequencing
    • Self-test faults R / Y / G sequencing
    • Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) G+Y / Y+R sequencing
    • Battery voltage sense G+Y / Y+R sequencing
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