Red box around panels on Enlighten?

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I have been monitoring a nearby Enphase installation to compare production to ours. These last couple of days I have been watching the Enlighten webpage for that system to see if our panels would shed their snow at about the same time. Interestingly, they shed within an hour of each other after a day and a half.

But now on the other site instead of saying "Normal" at the top of the page it has a red "X" and says "1 issue." Twelve of the panels are now outlined in RED:


Note that some of the panels in red are producing while others appear to still be covered in snow. Has anyone seen this before? Do you know what it means? Hopefully the installation was not damaged by the snow, but perhaps it was.


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    Re: Red box around panels on Enlighten?

    Links - we want links to see and compare. Odd to see panels producing power like their neighbors, flagged in red.
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    Re: Red box around panels on Enlighten?

    I agree it is weird. All the inverters continue to report, as well.

    Here is the link:
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    Re: Red box around panels on Enlighten?

    After having the red boxes and error message for over 4 days the system is now showing "Normal". Also, the six panels in the lower right were snow covered (assumedly) and not producing yesterday but now they are producing.

    I may ask the installer what happened. I also have an idea who may own the array, so I might give him a call and ask what happened.
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