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    Re: Solar panel choice
    solar_dave wrote: »
    Probably to my benefit as they had the grounding a mess.

    Can you describe the "grounding mess" and what was done to correct it ? I've got a situation I have to resolve in the next few days. (ignore, upgrade, patch, pray).
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    Re: Solar panel choice

    Simple question... Long, complicated, expensive answer. :roll:

    Bill "kind of like life" B. ;)
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    Re: Solar panel choice
    mike90045 wrote: »
    Can you describe the "grounding mess" and what was done to correct it ? I've got a situation I have to resolve in the next few days. (ignore, upgrade, patch, pray).

    While I am not an electrician, I will do the best I can.

    1) the DC disconnect was not grounded properly, they needed to add grounding to it.
    2) the AC combiner box with 2 breakers just had dangling green wire in it, they added a lug strip for all the green wires.
    3) the AC combiner box itself was not grounded, they added a ground screw and another green wire to the lug strip.
    4) The utility wanted a change in the local PV meter attachment, I was not there when that change was made, but the wife watch attentively. ;)
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    Re: Solar panel choice

    I see you are experts in here ,
    I have array 2 strings of 11 panels . Each panel is 230watt
    Imax=8,29A(each string)
    Can I connect this array with SB5000us to 100A Main with 30 A breaker?
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    Re: Solar panel choice
    solar_dave wrote: »
    Really you need to tell us more about the total install, inverter, size, cost per watt.

    The popularity of solar panels, which can be fixed to your roof to generate electricity, has grown significantly in recent years. To learn more about this, you really have to know each materials to make it work efficiently. First is the inverter. Solar Panel inverters are used primarily to change direct current to alternating current via an electrical switching process. You can think of inverters used with solar panels as electronically synthesized alternators. There are actually three types of it.

    The amount of power solar panels produce is influenced by the quality of the solar panel, the materials and technology used in making the solar panel, and the amount of time the solar panel has been in use. When purchasing solar panels, it is therefore wise to look beyond size and look at the dollars/watt ratio. The best way to compare the value of two solar cells is to measure the dollars/watt ratio. The current best deals on solar cells is about $4.30 per watt. For a 50 watt solar panel, your total cost will be about $215. Keep this in mind when asesssing the cost and purchasing solar cells and panels.
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