What type of batteries to use for wind turbine

Need advice on what type of batteries to use for the wind turbine.
I have read using marine batteries (12V), and recently I read using 6v traction (golf cart) are better to use. We need a 48v battery system for off grid. Keeping in mind, not breaking the bank. Can't afford Optima batteries which run a couple hundred dollars per battery.



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    Re: What type of batteries to use for wind turbine

    I'd use cheap gollf cart batteries, 400AH, 48V bank. Your wind system should have a Diversion Controller and Auto Shutdown, so on a windy night, while you are asleep, your batteries fill up, and the windmill stops spinning.

    If something croaks, you can generally add water to batteries if the wind gen boils them. AGM batteries would be toast.
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    Re: What type of batteries to use for wind turbine

    Don't use Marine batteries--They are not designed for deep cycling and will not last very long.

    From our host's (NAWS) Battery Faq:
    Battery Life
    • Starting: 3-12 months
    • Marine: 1-6 years
    • Golf cart: 2-7 years
    • AGM deep cycle: 4-7 years
    • Gelled deep cycle: 2-5 years
    • Deep cycle (L-16 type etc): 4-8 years
    • Rolls-Surrette premium deep cycle: 7-15 years
    • Industrial deep cycle (Crown and Rolls 4KS series): 10-20+ years
    • Telephone (float): 2-20 years. These are usually special purpose "float service", but often appear on the surplus market as "deep cycle". They can vary considerably, depending on age, usage, care, and type.
    • NiFe (alkaline): 5-35 years
    • NiCad: 1-20 years

    If this is your first system and you are on a budget--"Golf Cart" Batteries at $80-$100 (guess), Trojan T105-RE 6 Volt, 225 AH Deep Cycle Battery $154.50, or similar low cost batteries for a "training set"...

    Many people kill their first set of batteries. It is just a fact of life.

    Also, it looks like batteries that will last 2x longer also cost 2x as much--So the long term pricing is not much different--Although, you don't have to live with the issues of a "dying bank" as often with longer life batteries.

    My suggestion for tools to help you keep your battery bank healthy:
    • Get the Remote Battery Temperature Sensor for your solar charger (if available option)
    • A good Hydrometer
    • Good DMM (digital multi-meter)
    • Battery Monitor (Victron Energy is another brand). Trimetric is a good lower cost unit
    • If you have parallel battery or solar panel cabling, a DC Clamp Amp Meter
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