Not enough wind power at the site

We all know that ratings that manufacturers show are misleading because they show the ratings based on high wind velocities (i.e 13mps). In order to obtain the desired wind turbine, I measured the wind velocity at the site and then computed for the wind power that that amount of velocity can generate using certain rotor diameters that manufacturers provided. Then I realized that the amount of power that a wind turbine can generate with its rotor diameter and efficiency, based on the wind velocity generated, is not enough so I started to compute for a different height for which the wind velocity would increase. But to no avail, I have computed an enormous (or either erroneous) height for the wind tower so I decided to tackle the problem in a different style. I started to compute for the wind turbine rotor diameter that I will be needing (I based my computations for the wind velocity at a height of 50m). And so my computations showed that I will be needing 8m of rotor diameter. But when i researched about wind turbines having a rotor diameter of 8m, I saw that they are rated for 11 to 13kW (that means they can output this amount of power for a wind velocity, say 13mps). The computed wind velocity is 5.83mps at 50m height. Does this mean that when the wind velocity increases to 6mps, I would need to shut down the wind system so the system would not be toast with over-current :confused: ? I only need 54 V, 20A (or 1080 watts) to the system that I will be powering. Can any charge controller handle a power output from the wind turbine of up to 13kW :confused: ?


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    Re: Not enough wind power at the site

    8 meter diameter is a very large turbine (and dangerous). This size would need blade feathering to stay safe. Not a typical 'home' system. Three backup failsafe system would be advisable. Load dump, blade feathering, and mechanical brake.

    Overage on wind gen usually employs a load dump, typically heating hot water tank.
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