charge controller, inverter, TriMetric disagree

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The inverter says that the batteries are at 100%. The TriMetric 2025 says they are at 110% but the light on top that means they're fully charged is not flashing. If the charge is full the light should flash. The C-40's are blinking only once and I know that means it thinks the batteries are not 100%. One of them is not being honest with me. Which one might it be?


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    Re: charge controller, inverter, TriMetric disagree

    Sounds like you do not have the Trimetric 100% full registers set up properly for your system.

    Based on absorb voltage and charge current drop off the Trimetric will reset the battery gauge to 100% full.

    There is also a charge efficiency factor register you may have set too high for your type of batteries. The factory default is a high value for normal lead acid batteries.