Ground Mounts and Code

Is there any code that states that "short" non-residential structures can be built to different codes of that of a residential buildings? When it comes to ground mounts under 5ft tall, it seems overkill to build in all the additional safety factors usually required on residential and commercial buildings.



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    Re: Ground Mounts and Code

    Depending on the area--Some are trying to limit flying debris and others are trying to prevent ignition sources for wild fires.

    I would guess that if you bring "utility power" out to the structure (or GT the structure back to the utility)--more people are going to pay attention than a random / non-permitted solar array for off-grid power of some sort.

    In the building code, they generally take into account the size and shape of the structure... Close to the ground, wind forces can be dramatically lower.

    It may be worth paying a Civil/Structural (PE) professional engineer to "approve" your particular structural requirements.

    What is it that you are looking at being "overkill"?

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    Re: Ground Mounts and Code

    Just guessing here but the 2008NEC required all arrays to be GFCI's no matter where they were located.
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    Re: Ground Mounts and Code

    Guess when I'm thinking overkill is when some local jurisdictions require you to use Exp C or hefty snow loads. By doing this, we are putting a great deal of safety factor into a non-residential structure. You do make a valid point about fire prevention that I did not consider.
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    Re: Ground Mounts and Code

    Might also consider that the 2008 code requires limited access to the array or the wiring run in conduit. Just another thing to worry about...
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