Remote Monitoring

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I was wondering if anyone had a setup or knew of one like RandomJoe does for monitoring their off grid setup. I spoke with him and explained his setup well, but I don't have an Outback system. It seems like a tough topic, and not very easy to do or readily available. I'd even be happy with just displaying what the XW screen does remotely via website to start. I know you can use a TED for your AC side and view that online.. I just thought I'd see if anyone has and insight!

Food for thought.


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    Re: Remote Monitoring

    I think any of the one with a network connection could be made to give you info overthe network, might need someone to do a little work for you, Doesn't the "Tall Girl" a regular on the forum do some of this?

    I think the Midnite classic is even setup to be used as a server.
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