Dual battery bank with AIR-X

How can two independent battery banks be connected to an AIR-X 12volts wind generator?

The AIR-X has an internal regulator than must be sensing the voltage of the "batteries" in order to work properly, but in my case I need to install two separate and independent battery banks but feed them withg one AIR-X, the manual prevents from installing diodes between the AIR-X and the batteries.



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    Re: Dual battery bank with AIR-X

    I guess it depends on "how separate" you need the battery banks to be...

    www.Xantrex.com has a system that connects the battery banks (with a relay?) for charging, and disconnects them for discharging. I would check and see how much power the relays consume (the on current for the relay may be high enough to affect the overall charging rate in low wind conditions).
    This battery combiner isolates battery banks during discharge, then combines them for simultaneous charging. Available in both 2 and 3 bank models with 100 or 250A of power handling capacity. Automatic, simultaneous charging of two or three battery banks without drop in charging voltage Connects batteries together when voltage is sufficiently high and disconnects when voltage drops during discharge Compatible with all charging sources Manual combine feature for emergency starts using all available banks Convenient front panel LED status indicators User-selectable connect and disconnect voltages Optional Remote Control.

    Pathmaker 100A 84-2051-02 (2 banks)
    84-2051-03 (3 banks)
    Pathmaker 250A 84-2094-01 (2 banks)
    84-2094-03 (3 banks)

    If your charging current requirements are low (15 amps or less), the Xantrex Echo may also work (read the manuals--I am not quite sure how well it will charge the second battery bank--basically, it is supposed to just track the primary bank's charging voltages).

    You can also look through Marine application for DC to DC chargers... Here is one I found that appears to charge from the main battery to 1 to 3 banks for trolling motors. (limited to 12 amps per bank?) Might be worth a call to the vendor to see if something like this would meet your needs.

    This company offers several (I think) isolation relays (like the Xantrex)... They close when the main bank is charging, and open when discharging (or if main bank has a starting load. The one I pointed to draws less than 2 watts when closed. Looks nice as it is designed for marine applications. Water proof, vapor proof.

    Does this help/what you where looking for?

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    Re: Dual battery bank with AIR-X
    xe2bss wrote: »
    the manual prevents from installing diodes between the AIR-X and the batteries.


    Doesn't the Air-X have a voltage adjust ? if so, add a diode to each bank, and adjust the voltage up. I think the airX is a simple single mode charge.
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