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It seems that I'm not able to post replies to wind power or start new threads at all so if the mods meant to kill my account, you still have a little work to do. I'm hi-jacking this one since no one has replied to it and it is just a "hello". I was trying to post to the wind forum but here it is....

Note to dialup users, the linked thumbnails are ~380mb total.

I'm thinking that if I can get my hands on three of these fan blades and one of these motors, put them together and then mount the whole assembly on a stand and connect it to power, I might be able to use the wind it creates to spin an Air-X to charge...

Seriously, I've seen several of these blades heading up the freeway recently (pics are from my DingleBerry so aren't very good). Until then I'd only seen large turbines from a distance in Wyoming, northwest Texas, Palm Springs, etc., never that up-close. I told a friend in Austin about them and a week later he called to tell me he saw a story on TV about them, each blade is 140' long. They are very elegant and impressive to see in person! Today is the first time I've seen a generator/nacelle section so was able to look them up on the internet.

The Suzlon website documentation leads me to believe this is a 2.1mW unit based on the rotor diameter. For comparison, Texas has a total generating capacity of 71,000mW and demand peaks at around 60,000mW. Once we get 35,000 of these installed, Texas won't need to use coal, natural gas, fuel oil, or nuclear for electrical generation any longer, that is as long as they are producing a substantial percentage of their output when we need it. Of course the rest of the states will each need to install thousands upon thousands to cover their use also.

Disclaimer: The following is the opinion of the author of this post. Wind has its place in the total energy picture but the sooner people face the reality that alternative energies won't drive the economies of the world the better, there simply is not enough energy in a square meter of sunlight or cubic meter of wind.

These are impressive though!

Bad Apple


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    Re: Hello from Fabian

    Impressive size of that turbine. Thanks for the pics, and glad you stayed "sunny side up" taking them.

    PS I've discovered I cannot use the "standard" quick reply, and must click on [Go Advanced] to get my posts accepted. Otherwise, it just hangs, an artifact of the new software.
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    Re: Hello from Fabian

    "...glad you stayed "sunny side up" taking them."

    I was pax so taking the pics wasn't a problem.


    Bad Apple
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    Re: Bad Apple Wind Power Thread

    I wonder if we were to mount those turbine blades they were carrying on those trucks, onto an Air-X, if it would improve its low speed performance ???
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    Re: Bad Apple Wind Power Thread

    Hey Bad Apple, just to let you know, when the new software was installed, I thought I had been banned, and had no idea why.
    Reason I thought this, was that when I tried to log in, I also had to sign up all over again, and when I did, instantly received an automatic message saying I was blocked from using the form, and to top it off, it told me that the estimated time before I would be permitted to post again was- - - - get this- - - - "NEVER"!
    At first I was stunned, but when I made it known, the form owners soon rectified the problem and here I am, as mouthy as ever.
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    Re: Bad Apple Wind Power Thread

    I can find no reason why you should not be able to post to any thread. You are set up the same as everyone else but the moderaters and admin.

    There is still a bug that sometimes appears in editing a post that has already been replied to, but that seems to be a fix that is "still under investigation" so don't expect any fixes soon.

    Aside from that, we don't need accusations and flames from anyone here, so let's keep it civil.
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    Re: Bad Apple Wind Power Thread

    Generally, deleting your local browser cache and cookies, then logging in again can solve quite a few problems with BBS upgrades.

    I have a few problems with the "quick edit" function earlier, but just clicking to advanced edit still allowed me to fix my replies (I have not started a thread in this new installation--so I do not know if I would have the same problem as you).

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