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I have the decision to make in placing a panel which will get a small amount of shading. If the shading will start from the bottom of the panel is it best to fit is landscape or portrait. The reason for asking is that I have read that panels are divided into 3 section that run the "long way" (across in landscape). So if I had say 6inchs of shading in landscape it would effect 1 section but in portrait it would effect 3, is that right.

Panels are Sanyo HIT 240



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    Re: Panel Orientation

    There is no "standard" for how panels are wired internally

    Maybe the easiest way is get a sample of your panel, hook up a meter, andshade it with cardboard and see what works best. do it at the dealers parking lot if you have to, or call the factory and see if there is an engineer that can help

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