off grid system

Hi I am building a big offgrid system and would like to check my figures this is what I have.
Loads average daily watt hrs 27101
Ac watts 14940
Like I said a big system so am I right with using
24 sun power 238 w panels with 3 trackers
48 v system with 18 8 volt 1156 cap 6in series 3 parallel

now here is where I need help I would like to use a sun power 6000m inverter with the sunny island charge controller How many? and also would like a 240 volt main box. ??? transformers??
Any help with this would be great. This is my first system.
Thanks again Rick


  • mike95490
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    Re: off grid system

    You are right, that's big.

    Questions - Loads, any of them 240V like water pumps or sewage pumps ? Air conditioners ?

    Comments - 3 parallel battery banks ? Look at 2V cells, and see if you can get your capacity using 2 or 4 v cells, instead of parallel batteries.

    Conserve. Conserve. Should be do-able for half the power you are consuming.
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    Re: off grid system

    Along with Mike's suggestions there are ways to do big systems and ways not to!
    When does this have to be done?
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    Re: off grid system

    Hey guys,

    I recently re-designed a large system for a friend of mine. I up graded his batteries, panels and charge controller. It was designed for a 20kwh daily consumption. This is his orginal basic set up

    xw 6048, SCP, mppt CC
    400Ah Surrette rolls S530
    4# Sharp 198w

    I upgraded him to the following:

    30# 200w Evergreens
    2# xw-60 CC
    1200Ah @ 48V Surrette batteries

    He now harvest up to 30kwh on a good day and goes into float between 12noon and 1 pm everyday. The system was completed end of last year and has not had any issues to date. He has electric oven, drier, washing machine, deep freeze, side-by-side fridge, two AC room in an aproximately 4500sf home that is not completely off-grid with the utility company supply running through the xw6048 and has the option of going back to grid by throwing the AT switch.

    I must admit the battery bank is on the smallish side but he already had 8 of the Surrette S530 only 1 month old and I did not want to set up more than 3 parallel strings. He is no in the process of getting a larger (2000Ah I think) Absolyte IIP AGM bank.

    All in all although the bank was not ideal it has served him well over nearly the past year. I had installed in the last two months a Victron battery monitor (BMV601) and it has shown that he has not strayed below 80% SOC.

    I thinks his systems is performing well given its slightly lower than ideal battery bank size.

    I thought this experience may help in this scenario