Reversed Voltage to My Solar Panel

I blew it!

I connected the negative from my KC-85TS to the positive on the battery and visa versa.

Currently, (sick joke) the panel shows 9.7volts with the circuit open.

Is there anything I can do, or do I trash it?


Carl Carlson


  • RCinFLA
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    Re: Reversed Voltage to My Solar Panel

    You may have shorted out a bypass diode. The PV cells should not have been damaged.

    Look for a shorted bypass diode. There may be several in a panel and hopefully you have reasonable access to them for change out.

    First look in junction box. Second look for little bumps in the back of panel. If done the second way you may have to pick the plastic and sealant away to get to the diode. Re-seal with Marine Goop sealant.
  • niel
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    Re: Reversed Voltage to My Solar Panel

    you are guilty of doing what even i have done, even recently:cry:, and i should know better. fusing is a good idea as the fuses will pop before some other catastrophic damage occurs. i mickey moused connections to a sunsaver 20 and reversed the pv input to the controller and the controller blew even though it isn't supposed to. odds are a diode or maybe 2 are all your problem is most likely to be. be sure to get parts that are rated at or better than needed.