Need Help with 3-Line Diagram


I've had experience installing solar with other companies, but I've now just gone off and began managing my own projects.

Can anyone send me an example of a 3-Line Diagram for a single string using Enphase Microinverters? I know I need this permits, but does it have to be certified by a PE. Is there any templates to help people draw these diagrams?

I'm starting from scratch and I would appreciate any help people can give me.


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    Re: Need Help with 3-Line Diagram

    As far as I know--The PE (Professional Engineer) will be required for the panel mechanical racking--not for the electrical design/drawing.

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    Re: Need Help with 3-Line Diagram

    By "3 Line Diagram" are you referring to the wiring diagram/schematic?
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    Re: Need Help with 3-Line Diagram

    Enphase has very detailed 3-line diagrams for each one of their inverters on their website in the support/downloads section. The pictures they use to represent each component are a bit more detailed than is typically required - you can usually get away with simple boxes for each component with labels/descriptions for them.
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