polymer sticker increases power output by 10 percent

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The power output of solar panels can be boosted by 10 percent just by applying a big transparent sticker to the front. Developed by a small startup called Genie Lens Technologies, the sticker is a polymer film embossed with microstructures that bend incoming sunlight. The result: the active materials in the panels absorb more light, and convert more of it into electricity.

The technology is cheap and could lower the cost per watt of solar power. Also, unlike other technologies developed to improve solar panel performance, this one can be added to panels that have already been installed.

The polymer film does three main things, says Seth Weiss, CEO and cofounder of Genie Lens, based in Englewood, CO. It prevents light from reflecting off the surface of solar panels. It traps light inside the semiconductor materials that absorb light and convert it to electricity. And it redirects incoming light so that rather than passing through the thin semiconductor material, it travels along its surface, increasing the chances it will be absorbed.

Full Article: http://www.technologyreview.com/energy/25963/

Think this really works?

Might be good for those who have broken panels and need protection


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    Re: polymer sticker increases power output by 10 percent

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    Re: polymer sticker increases power output by 10 percent

    as for a broken pv you may have a point there as that might just do the job of protecting the panel. as to the rest it's pretty much bunk.
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    Re: polymer sticker increases power output by 10 percent

    For What it's Worth;

    My 30 year old photowatt panels have a texture to the surface, I was wondering if it was to increase the amount of light when the sun was less than direct.

    I'll post a photo of them (it'll be next week, I have a long weekend ahead.)
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