Are Panel Prices slowly Increasing?

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Are PV panel prices slowly heading upward?

What about deep cycle batteries?



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    Re: Are Panel Prices slowly Increasing?

    Panel prices seem to have dropped a bit since I bought mine just over a year ago. Murphy's law ensured that. I see a bit of a green-rush, which will hopefully further drop prices with economy-of-scale. The alternative, of course, is that demand will hold prices high.

    I expect the price of batteries to rise as the world economy recovers. Lead-acid batteries are well-developed technology that require lead. Lead is a resource that will see high demand as the whole world demands electronics.

    There you have it; my opinion - worth exactly what you paid for it.
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    Re: Are Panel Prices slowly Increasing?

    My thoughts are that demand is down, between reduced tarrifs in other countries(and some states?) and the poor economy reducing the willingness for large capital outlay.

    I think as the economy improves panel prices might go up. Also thin film panels reaching the consumer market at $1 - $1.60 a watt, with a short track record as to longgevity, I went ahead and increased my array to @2Kw as I could find UL panels for around $2.30 a watt delievered and less than $2 a watt after the tax credit.

    I too, think the battery prices will increase with the improving ecomomy...
    ...some day.
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