Selling to Grid with Xantrex XW6048

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I have a 5.25KW system with a XW6048. 2 Mppt60 charge controllers and 24 Rolls
460 batteries in 3 strings of 48 volts. What are the best voltage settings for selling
to the grid and keeping batteries charged? What ever settings I use now my battery amps go negative, I think some battery power is going into the sell mode.


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    Re: Selling to Grid with Xantrex XW6048

    Set to recommended float level for batteries.

    For 48v system would be about 52.8vdc to 53.2 vdc.

    Inverter will only sell off power from battery line when battery voltage exceeds this set level, so battery current should still be at a float level charging current.

    Batteries should get a bulk level charge at least once a month to ensure they get a full charge.
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