Connecting generator to solar

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How do i connect my Generator to both charge my batteries and give generator power?Am looking for Diagrams to show how this is done.


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    Re: Connecting generator to solar

    Depends if you have a hybrid battery based grid tie inverter.

    A Xantrex XW inverter or Outback inverter can do this.

    Inverter syncronizes to generator and operates in parallel. Inverter is bi-directional so with slight changes in PWM driving control it can charge batteries or supply AC load current.

    It can load shave generator (combine inverter and generator power) to supply heavy AC load. Setting maximum limit on generator current draw, inverter will charge batteries if there is enough power from generator left over from what AC loads are required.

    If AC out load takes all generator power then no charging current is directed at battery.
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    Re: Connecting generator to solar

    Just FYI, if you are going to use the generators 12 vdc out put you should be advised that that is not a very efficient way to charge batteries.

    A proper three or four stage battery charger (Xantrex TC series or and IOTA) would essentially plug into the generator like any other load. Your normal 120/240vac power would still be available up to the limits of the generator.

    It might be helpful to know what the generator is, as well as the battery bank.

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    Re: Connecting generator to solar

    It depends on what you've got: grid-tie, off-grid, inverter/charger, separate inverter & charger ...

    Whatcha got? :D

    To further Tony's advice, my Honda says don't use the AC and DC output simultaneously. Apparently others' don't. :confused:
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