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I have a 24V 5000WATT inverter, the name is power inverter it has a built in charger. I have 4 concorde batteries. How many solar panels of suntech 175 watt 24V solar electric Panel do i have to buy, also can this work with my existing inverter.


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    Re: 5000watts

    You don't "have" to buy any!

    It all depends on use, if your have no loads don't add batteries to your system...

    ...and with out knowing loads and how they'll be used, this is the best answer I can give.
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    Re: 5000watts

    We'd really need to know the specifications of the batteries (Volts & "20 hour" Amp/hour rating) to give any sort of answer as to how much panel and what charge controller is needed to recharge them.

    A 5000 Watt 24 Volt inverter sounds like a not-top-quality MSW unit.