XW Auto Gen Start: Any way to trigger on overload?

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I need the generator to start when the XW inverter is overloaded. Is there any way to do this?

The XW system generator auto-start module can start based on a set load, but the load has to be present for at least five minutes!

Five minutes is too long, and the description in the manual implies that you should set the start load trigger to a lower level to be sure the generator starts before it overloads.

I've watched the inverter in an overload condition. It warns you (faults) at least 15 seconds before it shuts down. THIS is when it could (should) start the generator, and then stop the gen according to the existing stop load trigger.



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    Re: XW Auto Gen Start: Any way to trigger on overload?

    15 seconds is not long enough to start a genset and have it stabelized. i think 45 seconds, or 60 seconds is about the min time. Needs oil pressure, choke to release, and time to sync

    If you are overloading that much / often, you should get another inverter paralleled up with it, to deal with surges. Could share existing bank, if it's large enough, and overloads only a couple minutes duration. Other wise you will drain batteries and get low battery shutdowns
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