Question about trackers and wind

Do I need to install any sort of wind protection for a 2 axis tracker?


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    Re: Question about trackers and wind

    Not if you buy one to handle your wind load. the tracker should be listed as to load it can manage, and load it will survive before breaking.
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    Re: Question about trackers and wind

    I built 2 of my own (probably overbuilt is more like it). I used 10" pipe for the post - not because it was necessary, 6" would have been enough for the load - but have you priced pipe lately? Boy-Howdy! The 10" was surplus irrigation pipe and only $100/22 ft. piece. Bought 2, sunk 10' in the ground into a ton each of concrete footer, built a steel angle iron and aluminum runner frame/rack. Since my electronics is perfect for 5x strings of Evergreen/Sun 205W panels, I have eight on the first and seven on the second tracker. Redrock 2-axis trackers work great for the drives and run off of a small gel cell and a 1W solar panel. I'd have to go back and look at the receipts to be sure, but it was way less than a commercial tracker and even though it was a lot of work, I learned a lot (things like pulleys don't cut it).

    As far as wind goes, I thought about installing switches to azimuth the array to horizontal if the wind gets too high, but have not done that yet. While I was away in Israel in January we had a storm with sustained winds of 39 MPH and a gust to 54 MPH - no damage with panels at ~ 45 degrees.
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    Re: Question about trackers and wind

    A good engineer can also suppliment a Wattsun install for just about anything!
    I have one that had near 100MPH and the fixed ground array of PV and roof SDHW had damage. It can be expensive in wind prone areas! Try to get some natural shelter unless you love the place...
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