Grid tied RV

I would like to install 4 - 170watt panels on my RV. Largest that will physically fit. The RV sits next to the house for 9 months out of the year and we lilve in it for the onther 3, Mostly off grid. 12v system in the RV. When we are in it, 700w will not provide all of our power, but will be close. Gen will provide battery charging as required.

Is there a grid tie inverter available that will do this for me?

I already have a 2000w MSW inverter/charger that powers most items in the RV.
Have 4- 6v house batts. parallel/series wired for 12v.


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    Re: Grid tied RV

    Most grid tie capable inverters are high voltage. There are the small Xantrex ones
    4,000watt, 24v, so you would have to rewire.

    Or maybe the enphase micro inverters would work for you.
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    Re: Grid tied RV

    The Enphase type inverter (one per panel) or using a Hybrid type inverter (such as the Xantrex XW series). The Enphase woudl require re-wiring Grid Tied to your off-grid charge controller. The Xantrex is probably too large (4kW minimum at 24 volts).

    And, in the end, it is unlikely that you would get the permits/approvals from your local building department/utility to do it "legally". Probably not worth the costs/issues.

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    Re: Grid tied RV

    I think you would want to install an Inverter in the house. then have a cable that could plug in to the house from the RV this should satisfy the power co as they don't care where the pv panel's are mounted. The real issue is what inverter to use I don't think anybody makes a 12volt grid tie inverter. so you could use an Outback 24 volt but that would mean reconfiguring the battery's in the RV for the 9 months. Or you could make a cable with 8 conductors and each panel would be wired to the enphase inverters during the 9 month period.
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