new solar panel using human hair

Kid invents a solar panel made with human hair:

no technical details or many details at all but still intresting.


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    Re: new solar panel using human hair

    hmm I still not think its as good as my 5giga watt nuclear power station made from Lego .., but that was the easy part the hardest part was getting a good connection between the Lego blocks to make the 167,000 v high voltage lines to go to the cities.:cool:
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    Re: new solar panel using human hair
    no technical details or many details at all but still intresting.

    interesting like chewing glass ? The only thing I know for sure, is the daily mail has some gullible staff

    I love this comment from the articles page:

    Que the movie trailer voice-over....

    "In a world full of idiots, with the scientific knowledge of a five year old and the self-loathing needed to accept any claim no matter the plausibility as long as it comes from a third-world country, comes the true story of Milan Karki, a young man from Nepal who thought it would be hilarious to see how many dumb westerners would even know a hoax when they saw one. Coming this April 1st to a theater near you."

    You want to know why the west is declining? Because morons who don't even know the basics of science of for that matter much else, now fall for this type of drivel every day and like a virus pass on that mistaken knowledge to their equally dense audience.

    - Pablo, Houston, TX, 9/9/2009
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    Re: new solar panel using human hair

    Some more "quality" reporting from the English tabloids:roll:

    Have a good one