Charging Golf Carts

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I know a custom solar panel manufacturer who can make panels that fit on golf carts. What I want to calculate is how big of a panel would be needed to keep a golf cart charged all summer without having to plug it in. So I am going to throw out some numbers.

Lets say a golf cart takes 150 watts per mile and once around the course is 2 miles so we need to replace 300 watts.

We can put a panel up that can produce 200 watts/hr and in the summer in my area even laying flat it should produce about 860 watts/day, May through Sept.

It would seem to me that even if charging is %50 efficient, it should be able to keep the batteries charged for one round of golf each day.

Am I missing anything?



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    Re: Charging Golf Carts

    Just to clear up units... 150 Watt*Hours per mile, two miles 300 Watt*Hours

    Assume the panels+charge controller is 77% efficient, and the deep cycle battery is 80% efficient. The Derating factor for PV Watts program is 0.77*0.80=0.62

    Assuming you are in Toronto Ontario. Array mounted flat. May thru September (use 1kW worth of panel--smallest number program will take):
    Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day)     
    AC Energy(kWh)     
    Energy Value (Can$)
    1      1.47          25     2.15 
    2      2.27          37     3.19 
    3      3.19          60     5.17 
    4      4.36          78     6.72 
    [B]5      5.60          101     8.71 [/B]
    6      6.14          103     8.88 
    7      6.02          102     8.79 
    8      5.15          87     7.50 
    [B]9      4.08          68     5.86 [/B]
    10      2.55          44     3.79 
    11      1.30          19     1.64 
    12      1.07          17     1.47 
    Year      3.61          742     63.96 
    For September, average 68 kWhrs per month or 2.67 kWhrs per day per 1kW of solar panel.

    300 WH / 2,670 WH per day * 1kW of panel (ref)= 112 Watts of solar panel required for Toronto area.

    Sounds like it will easily meet your basic requirements... Somewhat of an issue is optimal sun vs when you drive the cart... Drive during noon time and lots of trees/shade would reduce energy capture.

    Only thing to verify--is the actual energy used--and that the panel will not be hit by golf balls on the course (or you have the panel mounted at the "charging station" to avoid losing your $800+ panel to damage to save a couple dollars per month in electricity).

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    Re: Charging Golf Carts
    heynow999 wrote: »
    Lets say a golf cart takes 150 watts per mile and once around the course is 2 miles so we need to replace 300 watts.

    I want that golf cart, it consumes nearly nothing !! I think you are off your est quite a bit.
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