Free Wind Turbine Tutorial

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I'd post the .PDF's I got, but then you would not have your own freebies.

No hype, some myth busting, and a good read.


Free Wind Turbine Tutorial

Our Methane Digester Document give away was so popular (over 400 requests so far), we have decided to do the same with our ESSN Wind Tutorial. Learn the basics of wind turbines and energy production. Send us a email at [email protected] and request your free tutorial.

And please, forward this link to all your friends. Give them the gift of knowledge. They too can get free of the electric power company like we have. Let’s see how many people we can get this message to. It’s better than a good luck chain letter. If this is as popular as the Methane Tutorial, then we may do the same with our Solar Tutorial.

When you are ready to build your own wind turbine, make sure you order our Axial Flux DIY Guide, and Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink’s Homebrew Wind Power.

Check out our Axial Flux Wind Alternator discussion group at
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