Sunnyboy 1800U (120V?)

This is the first time i've installed a 120V Sunnyboy. The array is 1.6kW. Seems a little much to be putting on one leg of a panel. Anyone have experience? Also, the run is close to 100', voltage drop will be higher than with 240.


  • SolarEpiphanySolarEpiphany Registered Users Posts: 5
    Re: Sunnyboy 1800U (120V?)

    oK actually, maybe we won't be specifying the sunnyboy 1800. My distributors have discontinued them. There aren't really ANY string inverters available under 2-3kW are there??
  • Solar GuppySolar Guppy Solar Expert Posts: 1,989 ✭✭✭
    Re: Sunnyboy 1800U (120V?)

    Xantrex GT2.5 is the smallest I know of , price wise is is less than the SMA 1800 unit
  • lukeylukey Registered Users Posts: 21
    Re: Sunnyboy 1800U (120V?)

    You may want to check out the Kaco 1501x Blue Planet string inverter. Rated at 1501W. There is a distributor I have worked with in the past called Krannich Solar in NJ that carries the Kaco brand. Don't know if NAWS carries them.

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