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    Re: Another discouraged dreamer

    CFL's, to me, are more efficient as area lamps and LED's better at spot (for the current crop of hardware).

    The big question I always hit with cheap white LED's is that their light output tends to crash within a few hundred hours of use (maybe 800-1,000 hours at the outside--defined by "me" as a 50% reduction or more in output--by the way, a 50% reduction of output energy is just perceptible by the human eye--it is not a large amount due to the way our eyes perceive light--which is logarithmically)).

    The new LED Lamps (big dies, mounted on heat sinks, Cree and other brands)--I have not been following since they came out to know what the heck their long term life is (better than the 8-10,000 hours of a good CFL./florescent tube?).

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    Re: Another discouraged dreamer

    The question was which is more energy efficient of a Lumens per watt basis? LEDs or CFLs. (Not on a lumens per dollar basis!) I have to guess that the LEDs win hands down, but I don't have the facts to back that up.

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