ecoloblue water maker in off-grid situation

I live off the grid in the desert. We have to have water trucked in and to buy drinking water in those big blue jugs and transport them 90 minutes to our home. Someone just told me about the Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generator and I'm looking at the technical specs and thinking this is going to need its own source of power. It can be hooked up with either 220-240V or 120V and at 120 it uses 1050 Watts. That means we'd need at least 6 210 Watt solar panels to operate the thing, right?

What would be the most cost effective way to do this? I think it would not be wise to connect to our main solar system but to create a separate system for it. Or am I wrong?

I could connect it directly to the solar panels through an inverter and leave the batteries out of the equation.

Any suggestions or experience with this equipment in an off-grid situation would be sincerely appreciated.


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    Re: ecoloblue water maker in off-grid situation

    yes 6 of them and that would be minimally as efficiencies and even a few cloudy times can off set your production some. now i have to admit i'm not familiar with that item and i wonder if it would be enough water for you only running it during the sunny daytime period. if you have need of more runtime from it, that will mean even more pvs and certainly a heftier battery bank.
    now i must caution you that it will need a controller and some batteries anyway if this is an off grid operation, which i suspect is the case, because inverters just don't run straight off of the pvs except for in grid tied arrangements.
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    Re: ecoloblue water maker in off-grid situation

    Well, you may need to rethink this, it looks like an ordinary de-humidifier with a water spigot instead of a drain pan. Your output will vary according to the local humidity. Would work well in Florida (90%), but not in the desert (15%).

    The EcoloBlue™ model 28 is powered by electricity and is an extremely versatile product because it produces its water from the humidity* in the air, it can be used literally anywhere.

    * Water volume production is dependent on the humidity in the air. A minimum 35% humidity is necessary to effectively produce water.
    The fine print giveth and taketh away.
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    Re: ecoloblue water maker in off-grid situation

    any possibility of water under ground?
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