I need to replace an 8amp T type fuse. I cannot find an 8 amp, only 6, 10 and higher. Do I need to replace with a time delay? Can I go to 10 amp?


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    Re: Fuses

    What type of equipment is this for. For now, I would use the 6 amp for now. Never hurts to go lower.
  • BB.BB. Super Moderators, Administrators Posts: 33,313 admin
    Re: Fuses

    Is this the fuse you are looking for?

    This appears to be a time delay fuse... Is it for a motor type device with heavy starting load?

    I would worry that you may get false trips with a 6 amp T fuse.

    If you cannot find a "T" fuse, and can only find a normal delay--you will probably have to go at least once size larger (such as 10 amp) standard blow fuse.

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    Re: Fuses

    225% of full load if time delay fuse, 300% of load if nonetime fuse, as per code in no case should exceed 400% of full load.:cool:
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