$100 Linux wall wart computer, 5 watts

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http://www.plugcomputer.org/ $99

Looks like you need to control/config it from another computer acting as a terminal
( USB & ethernet I/O )
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  • n3qik
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    Re: $100 Linux wall wart computer, 5 watts

    Nice, but still would lean towards a netbook.
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    Re: $100 Linux wall wart computer, 5 watts
    n3qik wrote: »
    Nice, but still would lean towards a netbook.

    Just thought I'd mention; I'm using an Acer Aspire One Linux netbook for my satellite web connection. It works well, but the keyboard is small and the screen even smaller. Younger people probably wouldn't notice this. :p
    It cost $300 CDN, but I don't think they make the Linux version anymore. The WinXP version (with more RAM and a 160 GB HD) is available here for about $330-350.

    The plug computer would be in something of a different category, obviously.
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    Re: $100 Linux wall wart computer, 5 watts

    looks very cool. embedded stuff only has so muych flexibility unless youre aprogrammer and/or a linux expert. still, at the bottom of the azrticle it shows what some companies have done with the platform and those are some cool devices.

    i was reading about how the next generation of atom processors (that are in all the netbooks and are already super efficient) will be even faster AND lower powered, think they're coming out this year.