Utility anounces plans for a rate increase

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My electricity provider anounced plans for a rate increase today. http://www.belleville.com/mld/belleville/16227881.htm For some, rates will go up as much as 90%. Suddenly the cost of solar panels doesn't seem so high anymore.



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    Re: Utility anounces plans for a rate increase

    Looks like on top of an increase to market-rate electricity, there is no longer a discounted rate for all-electric homes.

    More or less, this seems fair.

    For people with all-electric, I fear that photovoltaic is still no panacea. The energy to heat a house is huge. They could benefit from solar hot water, I suppose.

    In the summer, I guess there's a good chance people can offset a good portion of their air conditioning with solar.

    May I ask, what is the going rate per kWh today where you are? And are the rates tiered (i.e. you pay more per kWh after you use a certain amount per month)?
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    Re: Utility anounces plans for a rate increase

    Southern California Edison (Los Angeles, CA)

    has tiered rates, where a 300KWH baseline is at $ 0.18
    1% - 30% over baseline = $ 0.21
    31% - 100% overbaseline = $ 0.38

    And the "Delivery Charge" (monthly connection charge) is about $25, and usage rates stack up on top of that.


    But they cleverly conceal this data in the bill, and barely allude to it on the website

    They provide an increased baseline allotment for electric homes (cooking & heat)
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    Re: Utility anounces plans for a rate increase

    My bundled electricity (supply and distribution) is provided by Dominion Virginia Power. Assuming my math is correct (reasonably likely), and that my understanding of our tariffs is also correct (reasonably questionable), here’s our local rate structure, including present fuel riders:

    Basic customer charge: $7.00 /month

    June – September service, first 800 kWh: 8.197 ¢/kWh
    June – September service, amount over 800 kWh: 9.202 ¢/kWh

    October – May service, first 800 kWh: 8.197 ¢/kWh
    October – May service, amount over 800 kWh: 6.356 ¢/kWh

    Source: https://www.dom.com/customer/vares_bundled.jsp

    Our bill also includes state, local and county utilities taxes. I can’t remember the amounts, but they’re not particularly high, and I seem to recall that our county utility tax is capped at a small dollar amount.

    I believe that these rates are scheduled to change (increase) in the next year or so. Dominion offers some TOU and demand options, but we've found that their schedules don't work for us. We used the Dept. of Water & Power (DWP) TOU rates when we lived in Los Angeles, and that worked out very well.

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    Re: Utility anounces plans for a rate increase

    Ours rates per kW here from Wisconsin Public Service are currently
    off peak .0515
    base .1010
    on peak .19

    Most residential users are at base rate unless they request on/off peak rates. There is an increase above a certain number of KW a month; I thought it was something like 4000 kW? but I am not sure since I have come close to hitting it.
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