Solar system for cabin

Have a small cabin in the woods away from power grid. Need suggestions on what kind of solar system i would need. Plan to use a computer, six 13 watt flouresent lights, and 20'' tv, maybe four hours per day. Thanks!!


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    Re: Solar system for cabin

    You need to add up your usage first.

    16 watts x 4 hours = 64 watt hours For 1 light at 4 hours. x 6 lights = 384 watt hours total
    ( That's a LOT of light, 6 bulbs )

    20" TV @ 200Watts x 4 hrs = 800 Watt hours
    (guessing at 200W for a 20" TV, what's the nameplate on the back say it drews?)

    Laptop PC @ 80watts x 4 hours = 320 watt hours

    So, per your request, you consume 1,504 watt hours or roughly, 1.5 KWH

    That's going to be a fair size Solar Array, and battery bank to store it. Are you going to use daily, or just on weekends, and let it recharge for a few days between uses ?
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    Re: Solar system for cabin


    We need general info about your cabin's location, and we need to have an idea about you planned use pattern. For example, will you use the cabin three days / week in the winter and up to seven days / week in the summer?

    If possible, please select a location from this list:

    You may need to look for a location in a adjacent state if you're near a state line.

    Also, tell us more about the " the woods" part. PV modules aren't particulalrly effective when they're shaded, even partially...

    More later...
    Jim / crewzer